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Integration EMS/Fire

In light of the failure of the November 2nd ballot measure of the San Juan Island Fire and Rescue levy, the Board of Commissioners of the San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1 has voted to withdraw from the Memorandum of Understanding to integrate EMS with San Juan Island Fire and Rescue dated August 28, 2021. See Resolution 21-561 or go to Meetings: 2021 and scroll to the November 17, 2021 Regular Board Meeting.

The District Board has decided to continue to work with our professional staff and healthcare partners to manage publicly funded healthcare for our community ranging from prehospital emergency care to end of life care, and the needs in between. We will continue to do this in a way that is transparent, fiscally responsible, cooperative, and collaborative with our healthcare partners.

The Hospital District looks forward to continuing to serve our community in a collaborative and respectful way with San Juan Island Fire and Rescue and to build improved professional relationships based on mutual respect and a commitment to serve our residents before, during, and after times of crisis.