Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG)

Left to Right: Chuck Dalldorf (town), Dan Paulsen (FD #3), Mark Tompkins (at large), George Johnson (SJCPHD #1). Not Pictured: Rick Frazer (at large).

The Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG) was established in April 2018 by the boards of San Juan County Public Hospital District No. 1 (SJCPHD #1), San Juan County Fire Protection District #3 (FD #3), and the Town of Friday Harbor (“Town”). They completed their work by presenting to the combined boards on April 2, 2019. See the “Minutes” page for audio of that meeting.

Each agency selected one member, and those three members selected the remaining two members. It was an independent body with funding shared between FD #3 and SJCPHD #1. It’s purpose was defined by parallel motions of FD #3 and SJCPHD #1 on April 4, 2018, and is laid out in the minutes of that meeting. Meetings were generally held at the business offices of SJCPHD #1 (849 Spring Street, Unit B5).

Their final report is found here (starts .pdf download)

Meeting Minutes and Documents